All about OneTreePlanted & where your trees are planted

Alles über OneTreePlanted & wo deine Bäume gepflanzt werden - Livom

You've heard about our tree pledge at Livom and are imagining a part of the Livom team planting trees somewhere in the tropics of Brazil?

A nice idea - we would actually like to lend a hand and plant trees ourselves. However, the reality looks different at the moment, but what is not yet is still possible.

The Livom team is located far away from the tropics, in tranquil Amriswil and Zurich. Here we make sure that you can find the best selection of plants in the Livom online store. modular sofas, chairs and tables can be found. Sustainability is a big topic for us, as you've probably already noticed. Unfortunately, planting trees is not (yet) one of our own tasks. 😉

But who plants the trees then?

We are incredibly happy that we are working with OneTreePlanted the perfect partner for the reforestation of important forests. When Livom was launched, it was already clear to us that we not only wanted to sell great and sustainable furniture, but that we also wanted to do something good for the environment with every order.

When we came across OneTreePlanted, it was immediately clear to us that we wanted to work with precisely this organization, as it is involved all over the world and now supports an incredible number of projects.

OneTreePlanted is a non-profit organization with an important mission that we fully support: Global reforestation and the preservation of important habitats. The commitment of the many employees and helpers at OneTreePlanted makes it possible for us to simply do something good for the environment.

The non-profit organization from the USA has been around since 2014 and is becoming increasingly popular. In 2020, over 10 million new trees were planted by OneTreePlanted in over 28 countries and on 6 continents.

Your order makes you a tree sponsor

Wondering exactly what happens after your order?

When you order something from us, we donate part of the proceeds to OneTreePlanted. With the donations received, OneTreePlanted can plant new trees in regions where they are urgently needed. So your order makes you a tree sponsor and every tree sponsor is incredibly important.

The organization collects the donations and at the same time various partners of the organization plant seedlings, which are then planted at the optimal time in the respective areas.

Where are the trees planted?

We are often asked where exactly the donated trees are planted. The truth is that we would prefer to help everywhere - but one thing at a time.

OneTreePlanted is now active all over the world and strives to reforest the most important forests and areas with endangered species. The organization plants trees in areas where they are urgently needed.

At the end of each month, we have the choice of which OneTreePlanted projects we would like to support. When we started Livom, we donated your tree donations to reforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon rainforest stretches across 9 countries and is home to 30% of the world's plant and animal species. This area also provides 20% of the oxygen we need to survive. For this reason, we supported the "lungs of our planet" in the first few months.

However, there are many more countries and areas that we would like to support with tree donations.

Currently, all Livom tree donations go to Spain - more precisely to the biosphere reserve Urdaibai in the Basque Country, as reforestation is also urgently needed here. Soil erosion and soil loss are a major problem here, but the general water cycle should also be improved through targeted planting.

As you can see, your tree donation goes exactly where it is needed. Depending on the area, the aim is not only to preserve biodiversity, but also to have a positive impact on society.

In some regions, for example, sustainable agroforestry and the planting of trees create important livelihoods and jobs. The positive impact that tree planting has on society in the respective areas is another important reason why we are so behind OneTreePlanted.

Why we care so much about this project

Did you know that the world's forests provide habitat for over 80% of the species living on land? This means that over 80% of plants and animals on land can be found in our forests.

Forests are incredibly important when it comes to binding CO2 and thus cleaning our air. To counteract climate change, we need more trees. That's why it's so important for us to give something back to Mother Nature. Every time you donate a tree, you can play your part in stabilizing our climate.

Whether in Asia, Africa, Europe or Latin America - our forests are breathing again and that motivates us anew every day. Be a part of it too!

Would you like to live more sustainably in general and do more for the environment? Then read our blog post on the topic Sustainability in everyday life where we give you lots of tips that you can implement directly in your everyday life.