Cuddly blanket

Our cuddly blankets are lovingly handmade in Cologne. The blankets are also packaged directly here and sent climate-neutrally to customers all over the world in recycled, plastic-free cardboard boxes. The blankets are produced to order. So everything, but no mass-produced goods. Individualized unique pieces in our customers' favourite colors. Suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. 

Cuddly ceilings - your loyal cuddly partner

Sometimes there is nothing better than making yourself comfortable with a cuddly blanket. Do you spend a rainy day on the couch? Or do you want to cum in your bed with a warm cup of tea and a book in your bed on a cold winter evening? The high -quality cuddly ceilings from Livom are the best cuddly partner! The ceilings give you warmth and comfort, no matter where you are. Also when camping or relaxing on the balcony, our blankets keep you warm and ensure that you feel completely comfortable.

Cuddly ceilings for relaxation & comfort

Cuddly ceilings are simply essential for comfort. They belong on every sofa and in every bed and also on balcony benches and garden furniture they provide more cosiness. You can nest on the sofa with your cuddly ceiling in the evening and watch a film comfortably, or you can crawl in your bed under the warm blanket in winter and read your book. Your loyal cuddly partner always ensures that you feel comfortable and keep you warm.

You can also take your fluffy blanket while camping. Make it really comfortable in your tent while you enjoy the fresh air. Or do you prefer your own garden? Even if it is cold outside, your blanket always keeps you warm and freezing is a thing of the past. Your cozy companion enables you to live more comfortably.

Our cuddly ceilings are suitable for everyone

Everyone can make themselves comfortable with our blankets. Because they are guaranteed to be lint and fluff-free, the cuddly blankets for children and babies are ideal. They are also skin -friendly and also suitable for allergy sufferers. The ceilings do not have to be washed before the first skin contact. Furthermore, thanks to the neutralizing Cotton not too static charging. So nothing stands in the way of your very special cuddly experience!

With a size of 145 × 210 cm, our fluffy cuddly ceilings are also ideal for couples. Make it comfortable with your partner on the sofa, lay your feet on thecoffee table And enjoy the comfort of your warm cuddly blanket. Even large people can cover themselves completely without any problems to be as cozy as possible.

available colours

Our ceilings are available in different colors. How about a green cuddly blanket? Or would you prefer a cuddly blanket in gray or pink? No problem! With us you are guaranteed to find the right one Color. Use the beautiful blankets for yourssofato decoratively refresh your living room, or put them over your bed and add a coupleDecorative pillow In addition, to create your very personal cuddly oasis. No matter which one Color You decide - the cuddly ceilings breathe in your living room, bedroom and also all other clear life and ensure the ultimate comfort.

Material & sustainability of our cuddly ceilings

We attach great importance to sustainability. All of our cuddly ceilings are produced by hand in Germany and delivered to you in plastic -free, recycled boxes. We do without animal products completely in the production of the ceilings and only use 100 % vegan and certified material.

The top of our ceilings is made of cotton fabric. The underside of the cuddly ceilings is made of fleece. Depending on the ceiling, this is wellness fleece, bamboo fleece or fleece from Reiner Cotton. The bamboo fleece consists of a mixture of fabric that is made of 40 % bamboo fibers, 40 % Cotton and 20 % polyester. The wellness fleece consists of synthetic fibers and is the most fluffy and cozy material. But the other species are also cuddly soft and particularly fluffy. The ceilings are produced on order. So they are individualized individual pieces that you can also have embroidered by us. Simply tell us your wishes when ordering by ordering note.

By the way: With the order of one of our cuddly ceilings, you also do something good for the environment, because two trees are planted by the OneTreeplanted organization per order. You become a tree sponsor and actively make a contribution to climate protection. The trees are planted where they are needed.

The right care for your cuddly ceiling

When choosing the fabric for our cuddly ceilings, we rely on durable, very soft materials that are also easy to care for. You can easily wash the blankets up to 40 ° C and let it dry in the fresh air. If you have to go faster, you also tolerate a slight spinning passage. You can also iron your blanket. However, you should only use the iron on the waffle fabric page so that the other side remains as fluffy as possible. With the right care, your cuddly blanket lasts for a lifetime.

Why the Livom cuddly ceilings?

Why should you choose Livom's blankets? There are many answers for this:

  • The most important thing on a cuddly blanket is, of course, that it is cozy. Due to the selection of particularly soft materials, our ceilings ensure ultimate comfort. Cuddle comfortably with a cup of cocoa on the sofa while you look at your favorite series.

  • In addition to comfort, our ceilings also donate warmth. Do you often get cold? Or do you want to sit on the balcony in the cold season and enjoy the fresh air without freezing? Then our cuddly ceilings are the perfect solution for you!

  • Environmental protection is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, you should also pay attention to sustainability when choosing your ceiling. Our ceilings consist of 100 % vegan and certified materials and are delivered in a climate -neutral in plastic -free, recycled boxes. In addition, two trees are planted for each order.

  • Furthermore, we pay attention to durability when choosing the fabric. Our ceilings will accompany you for a lifetime.

  • They are also particularly easy to care for. The high -quality cuddly ceilings can easily be washed and dry in the fresh air. So stains can also be washed out so that you can continue to use the ceiling.

  • Another advantage of our ceilings is that they also look beautiful. A cuddly ceiling from Livom breathes new life into your living space and because several colors are available, you can perfectly coordinate it with your furnishings.

  • Another point that speaks for our ceilings is tolerance. Our ceilings are checked with the Öko-Tex Standard 100 certificate for skin friendliness. They are also suitable for allergy sufferers and do not have to be washed before the first skin contact. The ceilings are also suitable for babies and toddlers, since they are guaranteed to be lint and fluff-free and thanks to the neutralizing Cotton Don't be static.

  • Are you still unsure? You can test our blankets for 30 days. You can send them back free of charge within 30 days of receipt. This applies to all of our models. However, we are sure that our cuddly ceilings will convince you!

Order & delivery

Buy your blanket conveniently online and soon experience more comfort in your home. You can also provide special wishes when ordering. For example, we can embroider your blanket for you if you want that. Your cuddly blanket will be specially made for you and delivered directly to your home.

You can choose between different payment methods when ordering - credit card, PayPal, with Klarna on account or by immediate payment and other options. Just choose what is most comfortable for you. From an order value of € 500, the delivery is also free of charge. Order your cuddly blanket today and also like to look at our other products. How about, for example, with a new oneCarpet For your living room or bedroom? All of our products are of the highest quality and come from sustainable production. Convert your house with us into a home!