Outdoor sofa

Outdoor sofa

Discover the revolutionary outdoor sofa Harvey: perfect for every terrace

Welcome to the world of carefree outdoor lifestyle with our latest sales hit: the modular outdoor sofa Harvey. Designed to revolutionize your outdoor areas, combines Harvey Design, comfort and functionality in a piece of furniture. Leave us deeper into the unique features that make Harvey a must-have for every outdoor enthusiast.

Easy comfort: removable and washable covers

Harvey understands that outdoor furniture must be practical and easy to care for. That is why our sofa trains are not only removable, but also washing machine -safe. Regardless of whether there is an unexpected spot or simply the desire for a fresh look - both are not a problem with Harvey. And for those who love variety, we offer a variety of references in different colors. So you can adjust and renew your sofa at any time.

Modularity: infinite design options

The heart of Harvey's design philosophy is its modularity. Each element of the sofa can be arranged and changed individually so that you have the freedom to create your own well -being landscape. Whether you want to design a cozy corner for two or a spacious lounge for your next garden party, Harvey adapts seamlessly to your needs and space.

Stable construction: crocodile connector

Unique in his construction, Harvey guarantees stability and security by using crocodile. These innovative connectors ensure that the individual sofa elements remain firmly connected without slipping. So your sofa stays exactly as you arranged it until you decide to redesign it. The handling is child's play and does not require a tool.

Resistance and quality: water-resistant and UV-resistant

We know that outdoor furniture has to withstand the elements. Therefore, Harvey is not only water-resistant, but also UV-resistant. These properties ensure that your sofa is protected against both rain and against the harmful effects of the sun. With Harvey, you can rely on your sofa preserving its appealing appearance over the years.

European production: quality that convinces

Harvey is proudly produced in Europe, which guarantees the highest quality standards and sustainable production. We value first -class materials and careful workmanship to offer you a product that is not only visually convincing, but is also durable.

All-round carefree package: free delivery and assembly

In order to offer you the ultimate shopping experience, the purchase of a Harvey sofas not only includes an extraordinary product, but also an excellent service. We offer free delivery and assembly so that you can lean back relaxed while we make sure that your new sofa is perfectly integrated into your outdoor area.

Conclusion on the modular outdoor sofa from Livom

The outdoor sofa Harvey redesigned comfort, flexibility and durability and is the perfect addition to every outdoor area. With its easy -care covers, modular flexibility, stable construction and its resistant materials, Harvey offers everything you can want from an outdoor sofa. Discover Harvey today and transform your garden or terrace into an inviting oasis of relaxation.