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Price increase on August 1st
Price increase on August 1st

Livom coffee tables - to match your very personal furnishing style

A living room without a coffee table? Is that possible? Of course not, because the side table for your living room is an indispensable piece of furniture. The central element of your living room furnishings not only gives the room a wonderful style, but also gives your home a soul. With one of our designer couch tables from Livom you can achieve exactly that.

Your living room lacks the last finish?

If you have always had the feeling that something was missing in the room or needed a certain touch, then the coffee table is exactly what you were looking for. With our side tables for your living room you have a lot of options and variations to create an eye -catcher. Enthusiastic congestion and numerous compliments from your guests are already inevitable here!

In addition to the functional aspects, the side table also has a very important task, because together with our modular living landscape, it forms the heart of your living room. It is entirely up to you whether you decide for a perfectly coordinated side table or rather for a very conscious break in style to create a fresh and modern look. Solid wood meets high quality metal - at Livom you will find coffee tables for every taste that are also a real eye -catcher. An expressive statement like this should not be missing in any living room. Your new favorite piece of furniture is only a few clicks away! Order your new side table for your living room today.

Choosing the right coffee table

A living room without a coffee table is almost unthinkable. After all, this subtle table fulfills so many different purposes at the same time! It serves as a practical element for the order of magazines and remote controls as well as decorations and dishes. Depending on the type and form, it generates additional storage space, which is always welcome. Exactly for this reason and so many more, it is important that you find the right side table for yourself. Aspects such as the size, shape, Color and material are observed.

In our online shop you will find round, rectangular, oval and also square coffee table models. Depending on which sofa you have in your living room, certain living room tables can be better suited for your interior design. For example, a rectangular side table in the living room harmonizes wonderfully with an L-shaped sofa landscape or also makes a great job next to an elongated couch. The round tables are ideal for smaller seating, or U-shaped living landscapes. But the square couch also stages the square couch super. For which you also choose at the end - with Livom you are guaranteed to do nothing wrong and are always on the safe side.

A side table for your living room - you should consider that

To make sure you buy the right side table for your living room, you should get an overview of the available variations and types of coffee tables in advance and think about important aspects. How much space is available to you? The size of your side table in the living room is essential for a style -conscious overall picture. Therefore, you should definitely measure your area. Based on this, you can estimate whether a small coffee table is sufficient or whether you should possibly invest in a larger model.

From yourssofa The coffee table should always be easily accessible. For this you should choose a model at the right height. The intended use is just as important! A side table in the living room can be used in many ways - as a shelf, for storage and even dinner. Depending on the right piece of furniture, the right piece of furniture should also be selected. You are particularly flexible with one of our robust wooden coffee tables. The look of your new side table in the living room is also based on your living style. If natural materials can be found in your four walls, a round wooden coffee table is available. On the other hand, if you prefer a modern facility in the industrial style, a square metal living room table also fits really well.

Wooden coffee table – timeless & modern

Wooden side tables are true all-rounders and real favorites on the furniture market. They are nowhere near as high-maintenance as is often claimed. They fit almost every interior style and look fantastic. Simple apartments or rooms in Scandinavian style as well as apartments with natural furnishings especially benefit from our wooden coffee tables. This also includes apartments in the shabby chic style, country-style houses and industrial or modern living rooms. A wooden coffee table creates an elegant and cozy atmosphere.

As a conscious break in style, our coffee tables can be used in minimalist rooms to create an exciting eye-catcher and bright accents. Wooden side tables are also very robust and durable - how about an oak coffee table, for example? In particular, our high-quality manufacturing and oiled wild oak can take a room to a whole new level! You can showcase our wooden coffee tables particularly beautifully with colorful flowers. Fresh flowers are wonderful, but dried flowers also add a certain style to the room.

Proper care of coffee tables with wooden tops – it couldn’t be easier!

Since food, drinks and snacks are often placed on coffee tables, models that are easy to clean are usually the smarter choice. With our products from Livom you are perfectly equipped for this. The tables are visually simply beautiful, practically as good as they come and very high quality. However, you should still pay attention to a few points for optimal care. For example, to clean your wooden table, you can use special cleaning products that are tailored to the exact type of wood. It is important that you read the application instructions carefully. Too high a dosage can cause permanent damage to the wood.

To avoid water stains, you can use a tablecloth or always have cup coasters within reach. These usually not only look very chic, but also protect your coffee table. If there are water marks on your wooden table, you can easily remove them with a mixture of water and spirit. Since our wood is oiled, this shouldn't be a problem in most cases and any liquids should be easy to wipe away with a cloth. If, in exceptional cases, scratches or cracks occur in the wood, it is best to get a wood putty from the hardware store. With the right care, your new coffee table will last you for many years.

Discover our range of side tables for your living room now!

Flexible, durable and high quality – that isBente! With its round shape (and that too as a double pack), it not only shines in your living room as a side table, but can also be used for many other decorative options. As an accent table next to the TV, with a beautiful vase or your favorite plant on it or as a pretty shelf in the hallway.

Ours is just as versatileNoah coffee table. It is in no way inferior to Bente and impresses with its straight lines and edges. Its simplicity complements every sofa and every living area. If you have more space available and are looking for a product that is really modern and offers you a little more storage space, then this is itRobin exactly the right side table for you!

And if you want something more, unusual and extravagant without going beyond the scope, then that suits youPaul Always to side with its high -quality and luxury -radiant design. A Livom coffee table is more than just an ordinary table. Now order one of our side tables for your living room or for another room in your apartment and become a witness to your beauty yourself! What are you waiting for? The coffee table of your dreams is already in the starting blocks and is eagerly waiting for you!