Livom’s high-floral carpet Logan-cozy, cozy and easy Wow!

Are you currently re -establishing your apartment or are you in the middle of the renovation work? Maybe you are longing for a small change with great effect? The words are: soft, soft and cozy at the forefront? Then our floral carpet of Logan is exactly what you were looking for.

Floral, short floral, long -floral -Carpet There is like sand by the sea on the market. But the real art is to find the best among the best and with our floral carpet you are guaranteed to be on the safe side. Because it not only enchants your space in a cozy oasis, but also looks super great. So you ensure a stylish atmosphere in the living room, bedroom or in the hallway. A home to feel good! You can also lay out our floral carpet even without hesitation in rooms with underfloor heating. Are you ready to let your toes sink into velvety soft fibers and to experience the smoothness on your own body? Then order your new fleece carpet right to your front door today.

What does a floral carpet actually make up and why is Livom's unbeatable?

The names high-floral carpet and long-floral carpet basically describe fluffy carpets that bring warmth, comfort and a certain elegance. They are available in numerous colors, sizes and shapes. High floral carpets are known for their long fibers, which they stand out from conventional carpets. The two types of carpet had their first breakthrough in the 1970s and are still extremely popular. The story of the high-flora carpets extends to the medieval Scandinavia, where they protected the home of the locals with their warmth with their dense and soil and gave way to the feeling of security. High-flora carpets have therefore invented the word "timeless". Nowadays, the all -rounder is also called "Shaggy" under the carpets.

Livom’s floral carpet is made of 100 % high-quality polyester and is machine-fragrant. Logan is also available in two unique colors:

  • The classic white fits almost every furnishings and rocks every conceivable style. Whether all of trendy to boho style or minimalist furniture, these Color it is clearly tough.

  • Cream is also in no way inferior to the white and brings fresh air and liveliness to your four walls. Whether in warm light a little more intensely or with cold discreetly decides all you.

But just don't let the subtle tones fool you, because they have more on it than some think. Because depending on the incidence of light, our colors have the peculiarity to be different and thus create a very aesthetically appealing look in the room. By the way: it looks particularly harmonious Color From the carpet when it finds itself in the room, for example as Color theDecorative pillow on the couch.

Livom’s cozy carpet - what size is the right one for your furnishings?

The high-floral and long-floral carpet is available in many versions: from the large high-floral carpet in 200 × 300 cm, which occupies the entire room, via medium high-floral carpets in 160 × 230 cm, which mark a determination in the room until until To the small accent carpet. The correct size of high-flora carpets decides more than you first accept. Because it can define the complete space, improve the ambience or create comfort and warmth as desired. This usually depends on the placement.

A large carpet that fills the room and complements the design makes itself ideal in the living room. Here you should first measure your premises and make sure that the high-floral carpet is large enough to around the front legs of your sofa and thecoffee table to comprise. In this way you can create a cozy area that fits perfectly and harmonizes really well. If the carpet is too small, the room quickly loses its charm and the carpet looks out of place. Therefore, measuring is essential at this point.

It is just as important in the dining room. With a rectangular or square table, the carpet should be large enough to keep the chairs at a comfortable distance from the table. This not only looks nice, but marks the area and borders it from other pieces of furniture. In the bedroom, on the other hand, a high-flora carpet is almost a dream that has become true. You can either place your cozy carpet directly under your bed, so that the area is also appropriately marked or fill the whole room with it. A larger carpet can cover the entire room and create a cozy, coherent atmosphere.

A high-floral carpet is particularly suitable for these rooms

Of course, a carpet is hard to imagine in the living room. It just doesn't work without it. Our high-floral carpet Logan is almost created for use in the living room. With its fluffy look and the cozy fibers under the feet, it fits perfectly with your modular sofa landscape and the coffee table. He also cuts a good figure in the dining room and because of its easily cleaning fibers there is nothing against it. Who doesn't like to go to sleep before going to sleep and step on comfortable soil after getting up? Place your floral carpet in the bedroom and benefit from the soft warmth every morning and every evening. Practical and beautiful to watch. Do you finally want to attract great attention from your guests and welcome them to your apartment with decent luxury? Then Logan is exactly on the right place in your hallway and is loyal to you. Whatever variation you choose: With a high-flora carpet like this, you are guaranteed to do nothing wrong.

Tips & tricks-this is how it is best to maintain and clean your floral carpet

We all know it, right? Because whether single household or a large family - carpets have to endure a lot every now and then. Crumbs from the film evening, dust and the children playing can usually not be avoided. Therefore, it is all the more important that you regularly care for your carpet. We have collected some important points for you so that your carpet always stays beautiful even in extreme cases.

  • The simplest method is to suck the high-flora carpet regularly with a vacuum cleaner to free it from everyday residues such as crumbs and dust.

  • You can also just knock smaller carpets outside or on the route with a carpet knocker. If you are strong enough, your hands and arms are sufficient.

  • With stains you should act quickly and remove them as soon as possible and do not let them dry. In this way, the additional effort can be avoided afterwards. Liquids can easily be removed with a damp flap. It is very important that you do not rub them into your floral carpet, but always dab them carefully. If residues still remain, there is nothing to be spoken against some detergent.

  • If you discover the first signs of wear or the so-called "running tracks" after a long time, you can also treat the high-flora carpet with a special carpet cleaner to bring it back into a top condition. However, you can rely on Logan-the high-flora carpet is very high quality and a long-lasting companion without great care.

The soft carpet Logan is the last finish for your apartment. And if you are still looking for a suitable sofa that you can place on it, we also have something for you here: oursModular sofas Adjust your needs and your living space individually-and of course harmonize wonderfully with the high-floral carpet.