Removable and washable sofa covers - how does it work?

Abnehmbare und waschbare Sofabezüge - wie funktioniert das?

Removable and washable sofa covers

Many people know the problem: the sofa covers look dirty, but removing the stains by hand is often too laborious and time-consuming.

With our removable and washable sofa covers from Livom, this is now a thing of the past.

No matter whether your children have secretly wiped their chocolate fingers on the backrest, your cat loves to sleep on the sofa or your partner has severe allergies.

The Livom sofa - perfect for children's and teenagers' rooms

The Livom sofas are perfect for the children's room. We offer different colors and modules that can be integrated into the children's room according to your wishes. Many of our sofas offer a sleeping function so that even spontaneous overnight guests can sleep comfortably.

The sofa cushions can be easily removed, so perhaps the sofa will soon become a knight's castle, a robber's den or a trampoline? There are no limits to your child's creativity. And if something goes wrong, the covers can be completely removed and washed using a simple Velcro system. Children can help you with this from a young age. This encourages independence.
The next adventure won't be long in coming.

Washable sofa covers

But our sofas also make a good impression in a teenager's room. Their simple design enhances your teen's room without taking up too much space. Here too, overnight guests are very welcome. In just a few simple steps, the sofa becomes a comfortable place to sleep.

Has your child's favorite color changed? Then simply buy matching covers in the new favorite color. You don't need to burden the environment (and your wallet) unnecessarily and save yourself the effort of buying a completely new sofa.

The wood we use for our sofas is FSC-certified and sustainably grown.

Our fabrics are OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified, which means that there are no carcinogenic dyes in our textiles.

Washable covers - perfect for allergy sufferers

People with allergies don't have it easy. Constant sneezing, coughing and watery eyes disrupt a cozy get-together with friends. What's more, it saps your energy and quickly leads to tiredness and fatigue.

You can counteract this with our washable sofa covers. Dust mites and pollen are washed out of the covers in an instant and the evening can begin.

Are you looking for an allergy-friendly sofa bed? Restful sleep is extremely important. If we don't get enough sleep, it affects the whole body. Heart rate and blood pressure rise and our mood drops. In addition, our long-term memory deteriorates and our attention span decreases. We perform tasks less reliably and inaccurately.

For a restful sleep for allergy sufferers, we recommend washing the covers once or twice a week. That way, your allergy will no longer stand in your way.

Ideal for animal lovers

Has your cat been sharpening its claws on the back of the sofa instead of the scratching post? Does your dog jump into puddles and then onto your favorite sofa cushion? Does your budgie prefer to eat the seeds out of your hand while you're reading a book?

Animals make a mess, that's no secret. However, conventional sofas are not so easy to clean. People spend hours trying to remove the stains with household remedies and chemical bombs from the drugstore, often without success. Many pet owners then buy cheaper sofas and as soon as the pet has had a good romp on them, they buy a new one. This is bad for the bank account and for the ecological footprint. The average German produces 200 kg of CO₂ per year through the purchase of textiles alone. It would be nice if we could reduce this figure.

Did your cat mistake the sofa cushion for a mouse and bite holes in it? Then order exactly the cover you need and help reduce CO₂ emissions without having to give up a stylish home.

Interest in replaceable and washable sofa covers is on the rise

More and more people are interested in sustainability. They are aware of the environment and are fed up with the throwaway society. Not so long ago, people used disposable lint rollers to remove pet hair from the sofa. The eco-balance of the rollers is poor. The plastic is rarely made from recycled materials, the glue is not vegan and is full of harmful substances. 



You can remove our sofa covers in no time at all and wash them in any conventional machine. You can use any detergent you like. So you know exactly what will be on the fabric later. So there is no doubt as to whether there are harmful substances in the fabric.


What covers are available and how do they differ?

We offer you three different types of fabric: Vellare, Mollia and Cotton.

The Vellare fabric type offers you the advantage of being extremely hard-wearing. It is tightly woven so that human and animal hair remains on the surface and does not penetrate the fabric. Safety bonus: The fabric is flame-retardant and therefore offers you, your family and your friends extra safety.

Our Mollia fabrics are soft and rather velvety. As the fabric is woven in a linear pattern, many stains can be cleaned with a damp cloth or household towel. This fabric also declares war on annoying hair. The tight weave makes it difficult for hairs to find their way through and remain on the surface. Even claws or teeth don't stand a chance with the Mollia fabric.

We also offer sofa covers made from Cotton. How to Cotton feels against the skin, you already know. The fashion industry has been enthusiastic about this hard-wearing fabric for centuries. Cotton is easy to clean, absorbs odors from your favorite detergent for a long time and is also flame retardant. And this fabric is also suitable for your household with animals.

Tips for caring for removable sofa covers

Our sofa covers are very robust, so there's not much you can do wrong. However, we have a few tips for you so that you can enjoy our products for as long as possible:

The right washing machine program

If the cover is only slightly soiled, you can wash it at 20-30 degrees with a clear conscience. Light stains such as yogurt or dust can be easily removed at 20 degrees and the material is not overstretched. If the fabric is heavily soiled, you can wash it at 30 degrees. This kills almost all bacteria and ensures a little extra cleanliness in your home.

If the fabric only smells unpleasant, for example after smoking a cigarette, it can be washed at 20 degrees. This program is also recommended so as not to pollute the environment unnecessarily.

How often should I wash the covers?

This is entirely up to you. For allergy sufferers, we recommend washing the covers once a week. If your household includes people with a sensitive immune system, you can also wash the covers more often to avoid any unnecessary risks.

Do you have any other questions about our products? Have a look at our FAQ, if you can't find an answer there, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We will be happy to advise you personally and clarify your wishes and concerns.