The big guide to upholstered furniture - from buying to cleaning

Der grosse Ratgeber rund um Polstermöbel - vom Kauf bis zur Reinigung

Upholstered furniture is an important part of every living room. It not only gives the room a cozy atmosphere, but also invites you to relax and linger. But which upholstered furniture is best for your home? And how can you ensure that these pieces of furniture always stay in top condition? In this article you will findyou answers to all your questions about upholstered furniture.

Choosing the right upholstered furniture for your home

Style and design

Before you decide for upholstered furniture decide, you should be clear about the style and design you want in your living room. Should it be modern or more classic? Should it have a certain Color or pattern? Ask yourself whether the furniture should match existing elements in the room, such as the flooring or wall colors.

If you opt for a modern style, you shouldst you look for clear lines and simple shapes. A classic style, on the other hand, calls for ornate details and carvings. If you for a certain Color or pattern, you shouldst you also bear in mind that it may no longer suit your taste after a while.

Materials and fabrics

Choosing the right material is also important. Do you want natural materials such as leather or Cotton or do you prefer synthetic fabrics such as polyester? Also note that each material has different care requirements and therefore reacts differently to wear and stains. Take a look at our Guide to the correct care of leather sofas here. 

If you opt for leather, you should bear in mind that although this material is very durable, it also requires regular care to maintain its beauty. Cotton Leather, on the other hand, is very easy to care for and breathable, but can also crease quickly. Polyester is very robust and resistant to stains, but can be less breathable under certain circumstances.

Size and space requirements

Before buying, carefully measure how big the upholstered furniture can be to fit into the room without any problems. Also note that there should be enough space to yourself move around freely. Also bear in mind that upholstered furniture can take up a little more space over time, as it can expand slightly with daily use.

If you decide on a large sofa, you shouldyou also bear in mind that it may not fit through the door and you may have to have it delivered in parts. You should also bear in mind that a large sofa takes up more space than a small armchair.

Functions and extras

Think about which functions your upholstered furniture should have. Should they guarantee a particularly comfortable sitting position or do you wantst you have an extendable sofa bed? If so, it should be quick and easy to fold out. Should the sofa have additional storage space? Or would you like an integrated massage function?

An extendable sofa bed can be particularly practical if you often have guestsst. A sofa with an integrated massage function can you help you, you relax after a long day at work. When you have limited storage space, a sofa with additional storage space can be a good choice.

Tips for buying upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is an important part of our living spaces. It offers us comfort and coziness and is often the heart of our furnishings. Before you decide to buy upholstered furniture, however, you shouldyou some important points.

Budget and prices

Before you decide decide to buy upholstered furniture, you should set yourself a realistic budget. Upholstered furniture comes in different price ranges, and it's important that you think about how much you want to spend beforehand. want to spend.

By comparing prices, you can also make a bargain. However, with extremely cheap offers, make sure that the quality really meets your expectations. really meets your requirements. It is often better to spend a little more money and get a high-quality and durable piece of furniture in return.

Quality and durability

The quality and durability of upholstered furniture is an important factor when making a purchase. Make sure that the furniture is of good quality. Take a close look at the material and workmanship.

Ideally, all screws and seams should be strong and of high quality to guarantee a long service life even after prolonged use. The upholstery material should also be of good quality and comfortable to the touch.

Think about how easy the upholstered furniture is to care for. Is it easy to clean and maintain? This is particularly important if you children or pets have.

Warranty and customer service

Before buying, check what guarantees the manufacturer offers. Is there a warranty period and what does it cover? Also clarify in advance how you should proceed in the event of defects and damage and whether there is a customer service that you to help you with questions and problems.

A good warranty and reliable customer service can you save you a lot of trouble and expense in the event of problems.

Online vs. stationary trade

Think about whether you buy upholstered furniture online or in a furniture store. Both options have advantages and disadvantages.

The advantage of buying online is that you can order from the comfort of your own home. You have a larger selection of furniture and can often find better prices.

In a store, for example a Livom showroom you have the advantage of being able to try out the furniture directly and check its quality. You can get advice from trained staff and often get a better feel for the size and proportions of the furniture. 

Ultimately, it depends on your personal preferences and needs as to whether you whether you want to buy online or in store.


When buying upholstered furniture, you should take your time and consider a few important points. Set yourself a realistic budget, pay attention to quality and durability, and check the manufacturer's guarantees and customer service.

Whether you buy online or in a store depends on your personal preferences. The important thing is that you opt for high-quality and durable pieces of furniture that are you will give you pleasure for a long time.

We hope that you these tips with your buying upholstered furniture!

The right care and cleaning of upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture is an important part of any living space. Not only does it provide comfortable seating, it also contributes to the ambience of the room. To keep your upholstered furniture in good condition for many years to come, regular care and cleaning is essential.

Regular care

To guarantee the longevity of your upholstered furniture, you should clean it regularly. Remove dust and dirt with a soft cloth or brush and vacuum out cracks and joints if necessary. Avoid using harsh cleaning agents and abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the surface.

It is also advisable to air the upholstered furniture regularly to avoid unpleasant odors. Simply open the windows and let fresh air flow into the room.

Stain removal

Should stains ever appear on your upholstered furniture, you should remove them as quickly as possible. To do this, use a suitable stain remover that is suitable for the material in question. Always test the product on an inconspicuous area first to avoid damage.

For stubborn stains, it can also be helpful to use a cleaning solution of vinegar and water. Add a teaspoon of vinegar to a liter of water and apply the solution to the stain with a soft cloth. Then wipe with clean water and leave to dry.

Deep cleaning

To remove deep-seated dirt and odors from your upholstered furniture, we recommend a professional deep clean. You can either do this yourself or have it done by a specialist. Again, make sure that the cleaning agent is suitable for the material.

If you carry out deep cleaning yourself, you should make sure that the upholstered furniture is completely dry before you use it again. Otherwise mold may form.

Protection against wear and tear

To minimize wear and tear, we recommend protective measures such as covering the upholstered furniture with cushions or blankets. Avoid sitting excessively on certain areas to ensure an even wear pattern. If you have sat through your favorite corner, we recommend replacing the upholstery. If you have a modular sofa from Livom modular sofa, you can simply swap the individual upholsteries and you'll have a new seating area. Of course, you can also reorder the individual upholsteries from us. 

If you pets, you should also make sure that they don't scratch the upholstered furniture or get their claws stuck on it. A special protective film applied to the upholstered furniture can help here. With pets, it is also worth paying attention to a modular sofa switch to a modular sofa. They have the advantage that you can the removable covers simply put them in the washing machine. Should your pet scratch marks or other damage to the cover, you can simply reorder and replace it without having to buy a new sofa. 


Upholstered furniture is a good investment for any living space. With the right choice and the right care, it can create a cozy ambience in your home for many years to come. home for many years. Follow these tips and advice and find the perfect upholstered furniture for your home.

In addition, you can also enhance your upholstered furniture with various accessories such as cushions and blankets even more cozy. Choose thereby Sofa colors and patternsthat match your your furnishing style.

And remember: regular maintenance and cleaning of your upholstered furniture is the best protection against wear and tear.