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Modular. So that it really always fits.

All Livom sofas are modular. This means that you can arrange and extend them as you wish. No matter if you are moving or remodelling, your sofa sets no limits!

Selected assortment
Quality instead of quantity

Livom deliberately only offers furniture that we ourselves are fully convinced of and that meets our criteria on the subject of fairness, sustainability and quality. We limit ourselves to a selected range and only produce as much as is in demand. With this approach, manufacturing is characterized by more attention to detail and care. Livom quality means functionality, durability and aesthetics.

1 order = 2 new trees

For each order, 2 new trees are planted to preserve our forests in the long term.

Think globally, act locally.

People do it every day. They buy things without thinking about the origin or the production of the products. Whether it's food, clothing or furniture, we often have no idea under what conditions things are produced, to what extent the environment is polluted as a result, or what hidden pollutants are contained in a product.

We order cheap gadgets from China, buy tomatoes from Spain or beef from Argentina, and get carried away buying brand-name clothes made under the worst conditions in Cambodia or India.

We would like to change that. At Livom, we know: Goodness is so close. The world is worth fighting for. We realize we can't save the world or change everyone's buying habits. But we can take a step in the right direction and bring you back to the beauty and exclusivity of local materials. That's why Livom uses oak, beech, spruce or larch instead of tropical woods.

Today, you can find a huge selection of tropical woods bearing a sustainability seal in specialty stores, home improvement stores and furniture stores. But the sustainable extraction of tropical wood is an invention. To produce furniture from tropical wood, not only must the tropical rainforest be massively cleared, but long transport routes must be accepted.

With European materials and woods, it is possible for us to keep our transport routes as short as possible. We work with carpenters from Switzerland and selected furniture producers in Europe. It is our concern to make an active contribution to environmental and climate protection and to make the production and processing to the finished piece of furniture as transparent as possible.

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