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Modular sofas

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      Modularly expandable.

      Washable & changeable covers

      Livom modular sofas

      All Livom sofas are modular. This means that you can expand it at any time and adapt it to your living situation, according to the motto: A sofa for life. Modular sofas offer freedom like no other sofa model. By arranging the individual seating elements, you can design the center of your living room just the way you like it. If you ever move or implement a new look in your living area, you can easily adapt the modular sofa to the new room concept.

      Adapts to your life

      Tastes and preferences change over time. Therefore, most Livom sofa offer the possibility of adaptation, expansion or change at any time. The covers are easy to replace and can be machine washed at 30°C.

      The advantages of a modular sofa

      With a modular sofa there are no limits to your creativity. You can easily combine different fabrics, colors and elements according to your imagination and wishes. Because this consists of individual sofa elements that can be placed individually in the room. If, despite the robust fabric, a mishap should happen to you, you can easily replace the affected element and you do not have to buy a new sofa directly.

      A sofa for life

      Our sofas last much longer because we use only carefully selected and durable materials that are particularly sustainable. We have consciously decided against cheap production in Asia, because we believe in local production, sustainable materials and short supply routes. In addition, we have developed a modular concept that ensures that the sofa will accompany you and your family for generations and trends to come.